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Why SAP S4 HANA finance is a must-learn for SAP FICO professionals?

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SAP Simple Finance despite the fact that easy Finance sounds at the outset like a contradiction in semantics on my own, SAP claims in any other case. SAP has constructed its product with a whole lot of nicely-idea out feature frameworks that brings approximately easy-to-use functions alongside actual-time SAP HANA powered and cloud-based totally functionalities which are all-pervasive inside the IT area nowadays

Reasons to Learn SAP Simple Finance

1. All about Simplicity

This explains the call of their product for finance solutions being named easy Finance. The President of SAP Platform answers Steve Lucas has stated that easy Finance gives a major leap into the future of finance departments around the sector as it harnesses two critical SAP functionalities. One is the time-examined and market-main finance answers that SAP that tailor-made to in shape the needs of the customer. the second one is the real-time nature of in-memory technology that is the hallmark of SAP HANA.

2. HANA energy

SAP has over 40 year’s know-how in turning in software which meets global standards, meeting software program needs to corporations the world over.

3. simple Finance: The future of Finance

These days see SAP clients tapping into the vast advantages of putting an end to the conventional limitations of the database architecture. The in-memory era, being the delight and pleasure of the SAP business enterprise, has excellent

ability, but does not accurately or completely address persistent data aggregates, SAP HANA has visible to nevertheless depend on aggregate records views. sincerely placed, the fee addition which backs easy Finance is the elimination of conventional combination barriers which facilitates economic and controlling reporting to be consolidated into a single vie

4. Simple Finance Value Proposition – Adding value to the enterprise

Superior and increased business recommendation resulting from additional relevant and timely insight

Enhanced company alignment and agility resulting from direct user access to insight

Effective management of capital and monetary risks engaging at increased levels

Lowering of IT complexity

Minimization of value for manual report generation and information reconciliation

Minimization of operational risks ensuing from fraud and several|and several other} other noncompliance activities

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