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Is learning Azure worth it?

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Learning Microsoft Azure is definitely worth it. The demand for talented Azure Practitioners is growing rapidly, because of which there are a lot of people who know Azure. So if you wish to get a job as Azure Cloud practitioner then you would have to set yourself apart in some way. One way to do that is get a certification. A certification allows companies to differentiate between people claiming to know Azure and people who actually know Azure. This is not the only criteria, but is very important one. So having a Azure certification can help you set yourself apart in the eyes of potential recruiters.

If you are planning on learning Azure, as a beginner it would be better to start with an online course that teaches you the basics and also gives you hands on experience.

For Azure you can either take this end-to-end certification course which will teach you the basics of Azure, or if you are just a beginner and wish to get your feet wet you can watch this end-to-end Azure tutorial. 


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