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The basic pre-requisites that you'd need are:

  • Buy-in from the business that this is often the correct factor to try to to

  • An understanding of what the business is making an attempt to achieve and its priorities

  • An understanding of what Hybris can and can’t do. From that gap comes the implementation work.

  • A robust platform to test and run Hybris on. Scaled according to needs

  • A good understanding of all the integrations that need to be in place

  • A plan. Somehow you would like to induce from where the client is to where they have to be in realizable chunks

  • A team. Preferably knowledgeable people who have implemented Hybris before

  • A backlog for the team to work from - basically that gap I mentioned in bite-sized chunks

  • A lot of collaboration

  • Money. You are going to need a lot of money, and inevitably, a fair chunk more than you thought it would be. Even with that 10% contingency.

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