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The scope of the Basis is not bad. There are numerous SAP support and implementation projects currently being delivered by the Indian IT industry. Most of the projects need Basis consultants to take care of the technical /hardware/system admin space. Also, there are thousands of corporations around the globe running their business on SAP, they continually want admins and basis personnel to support the system.

The job profile varies from project to project, for the most part the work can consist of:

  • System Management - Hardware and Software

  • System architecture

  • Security management

  • User and their profile management

  • Roles and authorizations management

  • Upgrade, support packs, notes, etc management

  • Performance tuning

  • OS/Memory/Database management

  • Transport management/SAP process management

  • System backups/refresh management

  • Data interface support

  • Integration with other systems

Depending on the project, the above responsibilities are tweaked within the team structure.

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