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What is SAP HANA administration?

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SAP HANA system administrators are responsible for making sure there is efficiency is maintained and the continuous operation of all SAP HANA databases employed in the company. As with any business-critical solution, proper management of SAP HANA requires a solid understanding of its internal mechanics to interpret the metrics that are monitored and their impact on system and application performance, as well as its administration and tooling capabilities to plan and execute a suitable database management strategy.

If you enroll yourself in any SAP HANA administration course, you'll learn about the various tasks available to manage SAP HANA systems, with an emphasis on the SAP HANA cockpit web-based tool. You'll examine the operations offered for each individual and multiple database administration, together with alert checking, resource observance, configuration management, backup and recovery, and security. You may explore factors that affect performance, such as analyzing memory usage, SQL statements, and workloads.

Target Audience

Database administrators

System administrators

SAP Basis administrators

Course Requirements

Basic knowledge of the SQL language

Training System and Hands-on Exercises

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