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What are some good online video-based training options for MS BI (Microsoft Business Intelligence)?

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  • BI is nothing but its process of converting data into information. Data and information meaning look similar but both are different, data is a technical format. To get started with MSBI, here is the video from intellipaat that might be helpful to you:

  • If we have data in CSV, SQL server and Excel. So data is a technical word and if you ask the end user to understand this technical thing, it is very difficult. So we have to take all this technical format and present it to the user in a very user-friendly way so that we can understand that data and make meaning out of the data. So BI is nothing but the process of transforming the technical data into user understandable information. The analysis is the most important step which involves in between data and information.
  • Go through this blog for detailed content: Introduction Of MSBI
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