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Who provides the best of both Tableau and Qlikview training?

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In order to learn Tableau and Qlikview, I had gone through various tutorials, videos, blogs, etc. After going through these resources, finally, I have found the best platform, which is Intellipaat. Even a beginner can learn Tableau and Qlikview in an easy manner by checking out the insightful videos and tutorials provided by this e-learning institute.

Both are popular BI tools and equipped with a wide range of visualizations. However, you need to compare these two to choose a suitable tool for your firm. Get a detailed comparative analysis in my answer.

Gone are the days when the single-dimensional and static graphs and charts were used to demonstrate the statistics. Businesses need more visually appealing, interactive and agile tools that fit into the real-time requirements.

Two of such cutting-edge BI visualization tools are Tableau and QlikView, competing in this domain and providing a diverse spectrum of features. To get started with Tableau, here is the video from intellipaat that might be helpful to you:

To get started with QlikView, here is the video from intellipaat that might be helpful to you:


A quick glance over the basic differences

Though a lot of similarities exist between Tableau and QlikView, these two tools are considerably different in many ways. Let’s see how –

  1. Performance

2. Interface


3. Capabilities


4. Suitable for


5. Product Range


6. Gauge charts and 3D graphs


7. Geographical Maps


8. Tables


9. Speed


10. Graphical inputs and changes


So, quite obviously these two tools are bound to have some similar features since they are both data visualization tools. So let’s start off by getting similar features in both these tools out of the way before we discuss the differences in detail.

  • Tableau and Qlikview have a broad set of visualization and storytelling features
  • Both the tools provide high-end analytical abilities
  • Both the tools are mobile compatible support similar operating systems
  • Tableau and Qlikview can be deployed on-premise as well as on the cloud.

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