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In my user.js file I have a async function to retrieve the avatar location from the database as follows:

async findavatar(username) {

        const sql = `SELECT image FROM users WHERE user = "${username}";`

        const db = await sqlite.open(dbName)

        const location = await this.db.get(sql)

        await db.close()


        return location


I call it in the index.js file:

router.get('/', async ctx => {

    try {

        if(ctx.session.authorised !== true) return ctx.redirect('/login?msg=you need to log in')

        const data = {}

        const user = await new User(dbName)

        const currentuser = ctx.session.loggeduser

        const avatarlocation = user.findavatar(currentuser)

        console.log('location of avatar:' + avatarlocation)

        if(ctx.query.msg) data.msg = ctx.query.msg

        await ctx.render('newarticle', {location: currentuser })

    } catch(err) {

        await ctx.render('error', {message: err.message})



The console.log in user file works and displays the location but when I get to the index.js file and run it gives a promise. When I run the page to retrieve the location I get [object Promise] as a result, how do I get it to show the value pulled from the database?

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The Promise object represents the eventual completion (or failure) of an asynchronous operation, and its resulting value.

You need to call .then() to resolve the Promise.


avatarlocation.then(function(value) {



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