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Why should I use the Gecko Driver in Selenium 3.0?

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For the compatibility purpose, you should use the Gecko Driver in Selenium 3.0. If you will look at Selenium 2.0, a Firefox plug-in is used to control the browser. Now, web driver is a W3C standard (just like HTML, JavaScript and CSS). This new standard has many advantages. Since W3C defined a standard for the web driver, Selenium HQ was relieved from developing and maintaining its own version of Web Drivers for each browser. Mozilla Foundation implemented the web driver standard in its Marionette Driver (aka Gecko driver) to simulate user actions in Firefox version 46 and above. The same way Microsoft has its own implementation for Edge browser. Hence it means if you want to automate a web application using Firefox version 46 and above, you must use the Gecko Driver. If you want to learn Selenium you must take up the following Selenium Training Course. You can also watch the following Selenium video tutorial to learn more about it.

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