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How many types of SAP modules are there?

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SAP is a German software that facilitates companies to manage business activities like customer relations. SAP ERP system includes integrated modules that cover every single facet of business management. ERP package permits easy global integration by eliminating barriers to currency exchange rates, language, and culture. This software provides a period of time info and makes additional efficient work surroundings for workers. For details reading about Sap's history please use the wiki link here. Sap package provides end to end solutions for provision, financials, inventories, and distributions. Now daily such ERP software’s are getting used in a sizeable amount of companies on their modules to help the companies’ day tasks

There are a pair of forms of SAP ERP system Modules. Number one is practical Modules and the second is Technical Modules. All SAP Modules are integrated with one another with practicality and supply us with the best solution for business. The most important SAP Modules that Bunnies implement for their business are

SAP FICO module

MM Module

SD module

HR module

PP module

PS module

Basis module

security module

ABAP module

Functional SAP ERP Modules:

Human Resource Management (SAP HRM), also known as Human Resource (HR)

Production Planning (SAP PP)

Material Management (SAP MM)

Financial Supply Chain Management (SAP FSCM)

Sales and Distribution (SAP SD)

Project System(PS)

Financial Accounting and Controlling (SAP FICO)

Plant Maintenance (SAP PM)

Quality Management (SAP QM)

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