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Will the SAP ABAP be useful in the future?

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For experienced ABAP Developers then yes, but even then, if these ABAP consultants stop there, their job prospects will become narrower since they will mostly be restricted to fixes/maintenance and/or amendment request type of ABAP work.

For newcomers, only if they are already experts in other areas where SAP is headed which is S4/HANA, which means more focus on Javascript, XML, CSS.

But one cannot just dismiss ABAP either and easily concentrate on these front-end languages since most of the time, systems implementations deem a back-end knowledge supply that is in ECC, which means ABAP code exposed as a Service through oData or an RFC operating Module.

Also, bear in mind that the majority of corporations are currently trying to find people who will do DevOps. Ops in the context of SAP would be sort of a portion of the idea work. Not exactly replacing BASIS, but developers are now expected to do at least basic configurations, whether in ECC backend or in the HANA Configuration cockpit.

The ideal situation is to establish a part of the experience however even have an ability in the alternative aspects.

I found this SAP ABAP course which is beneficial for anyone who is keen to learn SAP ABAP.

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