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Is a career in SAP HANA Simple Logistics good for a non-technical background candidate?

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SAP HANA Simple Logistics is that the career that deals with supply and transport management that are thought management careers, where individuals will be faced with the whole vary of management challenges. Those with the right skill set, who are keen to make a difference, are likely to be in great demand. Whatever the skills are, there's no ought to have way more technical skills needed for this explicit career because it is involved with the management and desires solely least technical skills to work the software in maintaining data and also for pulling out some needed reports as per demand.

So, here area unit some essential skills that are needed by SAP HANA authority, such as

  • Commercial awareness

  • Numeracy

  • Good problem-solving skills

  • Ability to think quickly, logically and analytically

  • Written and Verbal skills

Also, the keenness to find out a lot of new skills as per the technology needs, in short, to remain updated. Tech skills such as IT Literacy to manage and understand how information systems and technology and to improve operational efficiency and competitiveness. Management Information System which is the center of everything, and should be able to maintain and operate the software.

And also some skills like Leadership, Communication, Team-building, Interpersonal skills, Problem-solving, Decision-making, Project management.

To know more about SAP Hana, pursue the SAP HANA training course online.

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