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What does the day of an SAP Logistics consultant look like?

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If I may clarify, SAP is an ERP -- Enterprise Resource Planning system. It's the program accustomed facilitate not solely the logistical movement of products, but Purchasing and Reverse Logistics. It's used for managing Inventories too. The modules are additionally associated with a different occupation entirely. An SAP Functional Administrator. I happen to understand modules in SRM (Supplier Relationship Management), HR, PP, CRM because it allowed me to save time and customize the Enterprise software since I was really the topic Matter expert for Inventory and logistics. I anticipated the value saving by developing a deep understanding of the program and also the meant purpose of the practicality.

I picked up fairly quickly where I moved away from SAP Logistics/Operations and became the head Administrator for T-Mobile Corporate and managed all user accounts including LDAP, portal roles, composites, privileges, SOX, etc.

The only time I've ever done freelance was as a Consultant/Accenture and most recently a Logistics Engineer. In my role with Expeditors, I was considered a value-added. My clients were fortune 100 that experienced such growth that strategy in deciding locations of fulfillment centers was not a priority. I would get information in some kind (or not at all) and targeting an objective realize the middle of gravity exploitation an algorithmic rule to seek out wherever a shopper to supply/demand points were located.

1. Geo-code the end customer with lat/longs.

2. Ran models and scenarios on alternatives.

3. Transportation costs incl. multi-mode

4. Developed Visual shows that displayed the availability chain network-style I had engineered and tested with improvement decision outs that saved 3-7% on $50M dollar projects and above.

To become a successful Logistics consultant, you need to pursue SAP Logistics training ASAP.

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