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How to start your career in SAP HANA Admin?

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SAP HANA Admin is one of the business suites from the world’s leading CRM manufacturer, SAP. This revolutionary software product from SAP is extensively used by MNCs for performing real-time data analysis and application development on top of the real-time data. In the US, an entry-level SAP HANA Consultant pockets a jaw-dropping US$143,125/year. With so many MNCs and high-growth startups pouring millions of dollars into the SAP technology, the recent hiring trends indicate that, by the next year, there would be plenty of job openings for the SAP HANA Admin-certified professionals. To jump-start, your career in the SAP HANA Admin technology, enroll in the job-oriented SAP HANA Administration training program offered by Intellipaat. The course highlights include:

·         Placement opportunities in leading multinational companies

·         24/7 query and learning support

·         Training from top industry experts

·         Periodic course material updates to the latest version

Also, if you wish to explore the job prospects and latest advancements in the field of SAP HANA Admin, do check out the latest video on SAP HANA  training from Intellipaat:

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