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What are the best approaches I can follow to learn SAP Finance step by step?

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To learn SAP Finance in a step-by-step manner, it is always important to have a solid understanding of the bare basics of each sub-module of it. The following list contains all the sub-modules that you need to master:

·         Accounts Receivable

·         Accounts Payable

·         Asset Accounting

·         Account Consolidation

·         General Ledger Accounting

The best way to solidify your learning and become proficient in SAP Finance is to enroll in a placement-centric SAP Finance Training program.

Intellipaat offers such a wholesome course. The benefits you can avail by enrolling in this course are as follows:

·         Free access to the courseware that is upgraded regularly

·         Unlimited access to the learning materials and tutorials

·         Doubt-clearing sessions by our mentors

·         24/7 uninterrupted learning and query support

·         Opportunities  to work for elite companies and top startups

Also, our video tutorial can boost your understanding of SAP Finance. Watch our below video

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