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What are the roles and responsibilities of the MEAN Stack Developer?

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 MEAN stack developers are skilled programmers, specializing in both front-end and back-end development. If you wish to become a MEAN stack developer enroll for Intellipaat’s Full Stack Web Developer Training and Certification Program.

here we list out the important roles and responsibilities, they are as follows

·         Design the UI components using cutting edge frontend frameworks like SASS, LESS, Bootstrap, etc

·         Participate in the Schema design or the database design of the application

·         Collaborate with other developers for building scalable RESTFul APIs

·         Integrate the frontend with the backend of the application

·         Perform the code reviews of other developers in the team

·         Test the application for inconsistencies or bugs

·         Repeatedly debug the applications for any imminent issues

·         Host the application in the cloud

·         Continuously Maintain and upgrade the application

 If you intend to become a Full Stack Developer or to upskill yourself about Fullstack development, then you must enroll for Intellipaat’s Full Stack Web Developer Training.

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