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Mongoose 4.4 now has an insertMany function which lets you validate an array of documents and insert them if valid all with one operation, rather than one for each document:

var arr = [{ name: 'Star Wars' }, { name: 'The Empire Strikes Back' }];

Movies.insertMany(arr, function(error, docs) {});

If I have a very large array, should I batch these? Or is there no limit on the size of the array?

For example, I want to create a new document for every Movie, and I have 10,000 movies.

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insertMany group of processes can have at most 1000 operations. If a group surpasses this limit, MongoDB will divide the group into smaller groups of 1000 or less. For example, if the queue contains 2000 operations, MongoDB creates 2 groups, each with 1000 operations.

The sizes and grouping workings are internal performance details and are subject to change in future versions. Executing an ordered list of operations on a sharded collection will usually be slower than executing an unordered list since with an ordered list, each operation must wait for the previous operation to finish.

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