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What are the job roles available for a CRM professional?

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Salesforce CRM helps in building up relationships between the business and its customers. It helps the business to grow and become more successful. CRM has a number of features that help in making the business successful. This is why most of the companies have implanted it leading to a number of job creations. Some of the most popular CRM job roles that organizations are hiring for include:

  • Sales Representative
  • Sales Manager
  • CRM Marketing Manager
  • CRM Analysts
  • CRM Administrator
  • CRM Developer
  • CRM Solutions Architect
  • CRM Consultant

If you wish to become a successful CRM professional then you must sign up for Salesforce Certification.

Check out the salary trends of different job roles in the industry in the guide to Salesforce salary.

To become a CRM professional, you must watch this comprehensive video on CRM:

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