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IoT, the Internet of Things has become an essential part of our day to day lives without us even realizing it. Let us go through some of the basic implementations of IoT today in the world:

Smart Homes: Integrating electronic appliances present in our houses to our network and operating/interacting with ALL of those devices with the touch of a button on a single remote control (Smartphones, for instance) or via the use of voice commands. For example, controlling lights, music systems, televisions and controlling automatic windows and doors. 

Wearables: Using devices to measure the distance we've walked, heart rate and keeping track of the food items we've consumed while we're on the move. For example, fitness applications on phones and smartwatches which measure pulse rates and steps taken.

Smart City: Managing traffic, garbage disposals and illegal activities with the use of cameras with automated detection models that minimize the need for human intervention and are integrated into one network. Pollution detection systems also contribute to a cleaner environment. 

These were only a few examples of how IoT is changing our daily lives.

To know more about IoT, I would advise you to look into this wonderful video provided by Intellipaat.

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