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Is there a list of ranked frameworks that are currently used in the market?

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Yes! There is a list of frameworks based on a lot of attributes as such their ease of usage, performance obviously and the power of being able to distribute computation parallelly. 

Here is a list of them, make sure you study your need specifically before you select them as few of them specialize in deep learning and others are a little more inclined towards the mathematics part of the work. 

  1. TensorFlow
  2. CAFFE (Convolutional architecture for fast feature embedding)
  3. Keras 
  4. PyTorch or TORCH
  5. Apache Spark
  6. Scikit Learn
  7. Microsoft CNTK
  8. Apache Mahout 
  9. Apache Singa 
  10. Amazon Machine Learning

Check these frameworks out and explore them for a better idea as to where you can start deploying your machine learning model. 

You can check this video out for a better comparison between these deep learning deployment frameworks - Keras vs TensorFlow

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