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With the growing demands of the industry, Machine learning is one field that is spreading everywhere like wildfire. Every other company wants to implement the technology to be able to strive in this very competitive world and be on par with the other companies in the industry. 

So, YES! Even as a Mechanical or Electronics engineer pursuing Machine learning isn't something that's impossible or tough, to begin with. All it takes is a hands-on experience with programming, to begin with. Choose any one of the languages - Python, R, etc. and begin practicing. 

Once you have a good grip on these, improve your mathematical and statistical understanding of machine learning. You will get a clearer understanding as you go on and understand the requirements of the technology. I'd suggest you take a strong and basic course on it by a trained professional to be able to grasp the concepts tightly. Check out Intellipaat's Machine learning courses for basic requirements and professional training!

Here is a video to help you begin with Machine learning - 

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