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I have an AWS account which is used for development.

Because the developers are in one timezone, we switch off the resources after hours to conserve usage.

Is it possible if I temporarily switch off nodes in elasticache cluster? all I found in cli reference was 'delete cluster': http://docs.aws.amazon.com/cli/latest/reference/elasticache/index.html

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You cannot stop an Elasticache cluster. Currently, there is a provision only to Delete it or Recreate one more. But you can do something which will give you a similar result as stopping an Elasticache cluster.

  1. Take a Snapshot of your cluster
  2. Delete your cluster
  3. Use the created snapshot to create a new cluster with the same data as the deleted one

When you create with the snapshot of a cluster, It will have the cluster id, region and the aws account id. So, when you create a cluster using the snapshot, your cluster will have the same endpoint.

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