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What is Manual Testing and Automation Testing?

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Manual Testing is a form of software testing in which engineers execute test cases manually without the help of any automation tools. It allows you to find bugs in various software systems. Any new application or software has to be tested manually before being tested using automation tools. Its key concept is to make sure that the software is free of error and works as per the functional requirements specified. Also, it helps to make sure that the defects that are reported are fixed by programmers and developers. The applications are then retested for further defects.


Automation Testing uses numerous automation tools in order to test the software. It also uses writing test scripts for the same. It is used to automate redundant tasks that are difficult to manually perform. It can also enter the data that needs to be tested into the System Under Test to compare the expected results with the actual results. However, it demands an investment of a considerable amount of money and resources when compared to Manual Testing.


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Also, check out this video on Manual Testing and Automation Testing:

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