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How to crack an Excel interview?

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Excel is a Microsoft spreadsheet program that is a part of the Microsoft Office suite. It helps in providing the data values organized in the form of tables consisting of rows and columns. This available data can be changed mathematically using various arithmetic operations. Further, it also offers programming through its Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) and allows you to access data from multiple external sources through the Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE).

If you wish to make a career in Excel then you can do the following to prepare for Excel interviews and crack them:

  • Become proficient in Excel
  • Prepare a good resume
  • Concentrate more on theoretical knowledge of Excel
  • Prepare for frequently asked questions
  • Carry out mock drills of the job interview

In order to crack an Excel job interview and become a professional in it, register for Intellipaat’s Excel Training. This course aims to make you proficient in Excel. Also, after this training, the Intellipaat team will help you prepare for job interviews through mock interviews and resume creation. This will give you a head start in your career in Excel.

Watch this YouTube video on Excel:


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