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What is function in MS Excel?

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MS Excel consists of a number of functions to perform various operations on the available data. It consists of mathematical, statistical, text, financial, logical, and data and time Excel functions.

Some of the most popular functions used in Excel are mentioned below:

Mathematical Functions-

  • SUM: Allows you to add all the values in the given range
  • ROUND: Helps you round a number to a defined number of digits

Statistical Functions-

  • COUNT: Counts the list of values in a given range
  • AVERAGE: Calculates the average value from the value range
  • MAX: Helps in locating the maximum value in the range
  • MIN: Helps to locate the minimum value in the range
  • RANK: Returns the position or the rank of value within the value range

Text Functions-

  • LEN: Returns the length of the cell content in terms of the number of characters
  • REPT: Repeats the character a defined number of times
  • TRIM: Removes unnecessary spaces from the cell
  • LEFT: Extracts the defined number of characters from the cell’s beginning
  • RIGHT: Extracts the defined number of characters from the cell’s end
  • REPLACE: Replaced the existing cell characters with different ones

Financial Functions-

  • PMT: Helps to calculate the loan repayments with respect to the constant payments and a constant interest rate
  • RATE: Returns the rate of interest for the period of a loan or an investment

Logical Functions-

  • AND: You can test up to 30 logical AND conditions
  • OR: You can test up to 30 logical OR conditions
  • IF: Tests the condition and takes the necessary action based on the result

Date and Time Functions-

  • TODAY: Returns the present date
  • NOW: Returns the present date along with the time

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Also, check out this MS Excel video on YouTube:

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