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What does an AWS Solutions Architect do?

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AWS Solutions Architects are mainly responsible for developing as well as for the integration of computer systems and data to meet the specific requirements. It includes the integration of both hardware and software to meet the demands of the client. In addition, they also help in examining the available systems and architecture. Further, the work with the business and the technical teams of the organization to recommend effective solutions.

Some of the major roles and responsibilities of an AWS Solutions Architect include:

  • Understand the requirements of the organization to define system specifications
  • Plan and design the solution structure of the technology
  • Communicate the system requirements to the organization’s software development team
  • Evaluate and choose suitable software or hardware and suggest integration methods
  • Provide assistance in case of technical issues

If you wish to become an AWS Solutions Architect then you must register for AWS Training.

You should also check out this comprehensive YouTube tutorial:

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