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What does a Data Strategist do?

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Data Strategists comprehend the business and have expert knowledge of the technology as well as in analytics. They have an idea about what the BI, IT, Data Scientists of the organizations work on and the various tools they use since they have a good knowledge of Data Science. They mainly focus on the strategy as well as the business impact. In addition, these professionals can understand the ambitions of the executives as well as the managers to data-driven initiatives and particular actions.

Some of the major responsibilities of a Data Strategist include:

  • Provide expert knowledge on the latest technology products in terms of Machine Learning, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Act as a thinking partner for the executives as well as the managers by bridging the trends in the market to their specific dynamics and challenges
  • Build strategic roadmaps, detailed action plans, and project outlines
  • Build Big Data solutions
  • Perform data wrangling
  • Architect, design and develop data warehouse as well as BI solutions

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