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I want to start a career in Salesforce. Can anyone tell me the best path to become a Salesforce admin?

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You can follow this following path to become a Salesforce admin:

  • Explore the platform, understand what services it provides, and start with building simple applications
  • Understand how to use the tools for integration services, workflow engine, authentication, event log framework, Analytics, and Collaboration Services.
  • Learn about security and access permissions on the Salesforce platform
  • No need for learning a programming language to become a Salesforce admin but having a basic idea of programming helps
  • Understand workflow automation to get an idea of the best way to achieve targets
  • Start developing applications using the lightning App builder
  • Enroll a well-structured course for Salesforce from a reputed institute
  • If you are interested in Salesforce, I would suggest enrolling this Salesforce training by Intellipaat.

You can watch this video on Salesforce by Intellipaat to know the best learning path for Salesforce:

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