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I want to become a front end developer. Can anyone suggest me the best learning path to become a front end developer?

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To become a frontend developer, you can follow the following steps:

  • Learning basic technologies like HTML, CSS, and Javascript is must
  • Also, learn Bootstrap, AngularJs, and EmberJs frameworks
  • Start building small applications like to-do-list, chat applications using the skills you learned
  • Attend online training classes and meetups sessions to learn new techniques and update your skills
  • Enroll a certification course from a top institute so that you will have access to the top instructors to clear your doubts
  • Documentation of your projects so that you can show your work to others
  • Apply for entry-level frontend developer roles

I strongly recommend this Mean Stack Course by Intellipaat if you want to learn both frontend and backend development.

You can watch this video on how to become a Frontend Developer to choose the best learning path for you:

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