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Could anyone help me with how to get a job as a frontend developer?

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I suggest the following path to becoming a frontend developer:

  • Learn basic web technologies like HTML5, CSS3, Jquery, and Bootstrap
  • Try to learn at least one of the advanced technologies like AngularJs, ReactJs, etc.
  • Start with building applications using these technologies you learned and make a portfolio
  • Always keep yourself updated by reading the blogs and trying new techniques
  • Enroll for a well-structured online course and get a certification
  • Update your CV with the projects you have done and apply for entry-level jobs like a junior web developer

You can enroll this Full stack developer course by Intellipaat if you want to learn backend development along with frontend development.

You can watch this video on how to become a Frontend developer to know the skills you required to get a job as a frontend developer:

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