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I am using the subprocess() which has subprocess.run() as shown below:

  p = subprocess.run([





When I run the above command after a few seconds it just gives me a hand full of files as if it didn't even run. It doesn't throw me any error.

I have run the below code in the shell

$ /home/ubuntu/my_script.sh my_arg_1 my_arg_2

The above code runs a few more seconds more compared to the previous code. I have cross-checked many times if there is any mistake, between the Linux code and the concatenation of argument code. 

Would there be a permission issue? Can anyone help me?

I am sharing the actual command as shown below:

/home/ubuntu/DataScience/alphapose_dress.sh /home/ubuntu/dresses/whole-dresses/VahT2ei1no.jpg /home/ubuntu/dresses/alphapose_results

So this, not the path issue either

The second code:

cmd = [




with Popen(cmd, stdout=PIPE, bufsize=1, universal_newlines=True) as p:

    for line in p.stdout:

        print(line, end='')

It prints nothing. Can somebody help me?

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You can try which will help you, I am giving the code below :

from subprocess import run,PIPE 

p = run([ '/home/ubuntu/my_script.sh', 'my_arg_1', 'my_arg_2' ], stdout=PIPE, stderr=PIPE)


This will print you an error.

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