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Can anyone tell me how to get a job as AWS Solution Architect?

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To get a job as an AWS Solution Architect, you should learn the following topics:

  •  Designing, implementing, and deploying AWS system
  •  Cost evaluation and Cost control of AWS
  •  Elastic Load balancing
  •  Data ingress and Data egress on AWS
  •  Understanding of AWS architecture
  •  Lift and Shift mechanism of AWS applications
  •  Determining correct AWS according to the needs

In addition to these concepts, get a hands-on experience of AWS. If you are a fresher to become an AWS Solution Architect, I really add a lot of value validating your skills with the AWS Solution Architect Associate certification exam.

If you want to become an AWS Solution Architect, then check out this AWS Training course by Intellipaat.

Also, watch this video on Job opportunities of AWS Certified:

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