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What is Artificial Intelligence in psychology?

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Artificial Intelligence has now come to a state where it is powerful enough to assess something as hard as psychological problems and effectively provide solutions to them. The human psyche is the most complex concept that exists. Even though AI systems cannot completely decipher this, they have the ability to provide services such as therapy for various psychological ailments. There are already many AI-powered chatbots in the field of psychology such as Ellie, Nema, and Karim, which provide a lot of help in this domain. There are many projects such as Touchskin, Woebot, and other behavioral theory-based AI solutions that help in curbing depression across the globe. These bots effectively help in treating depression by providing people with features such as guided and unguided meditation and more. Many universities around the globe are committed to doing more research in this field to understand if an AI entity can truly help make a difference in the field of psychology.

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