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Can anyone tell me what is Artificial Intelligence in games?

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The world of Artificial Intelligence and its implementations can be be seen everywhere. Most notably so in the world of gaming. There are multiple game creation companies such as Electronic Arts, Activision, and Tencent that have implemented AI solutions that are not only powerful but at the same time give a futuristic experience to the users. Real-time processing of the environment in the games is now handled by a concept called ray-tracing that understands the environment in the game to actively provide realistic lighting effects and renders. Seld-learning AI agents are seen across a variety of games that have the ability to learn the game completely on its own and play it very efficiently. This is in turn used to train the AI entities that assist the user when he/she is playing the game. All in all, be it content generation or awareness, AI is set out to revolutionize the world of gaming as we know it.

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