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Can anyone tell me whether Tableau certification is worth it?

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Yes, earning a Tableau certification is completely worth it and has the following advantages:

  • Tableau is the market leader in terms of the ability to execute, and it encourages the application of analytical reasoning for creating solutions.
  • As business implications of the huge volume of data, companies will look for tools that can do analyzing and extracting actionable insights. Therefore, the demand for certified and qualified Tableau professionals will also, rise.
  • Well trained and certified Tableau professionals are mostly preferred and the better-paid in the many companies.
  • Many top companies like Facebook, KPMG, Dell, and Sony Electronics always look for certified Tableau professionals.

If you are looking for an online training course to clear the Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification exam, then check out this Tableau Training Course by Intellipaat.

Also, watch this video on Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification to understand more:

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