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Can anyone tell me how do I prepare Salesforce App Builder certification?

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Here are the topics and their weightings that you need to prepare for your Salesforce App Builder certification exam:

  • Fundamentals of Salesforce (Number of questions: 5)
  • Data modeling and management (Number of questions: 12)
  • Security (Number of questions: 6)
  • Business logic and process automation (Number of questions: 16)
  • Social (Number of questions: 2)
  • User Interface (Number of questions: 8)
  • Reporting (Number of questions: 3)
  • Mobile (Number of questions: 3)
  • App Development (Number of questions: 5)

If you are preparing for the Salesforce app builder exam, I recommend this Salesforce Training Course by Intellipaat.

Also, check out this video on Salesforce:

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