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Could someone suggest me why transitioning to Big Data Analytics will be a good career move?

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Well, a career is good or bad is entirely a subjective matter and depends on an individual. I will quote some key advantages and opportunities that are waiting for you if you are aspiring to be a Big Data Analyst:

  • Big Data Analyst jobs are in very high demand and will increase more in the coming years with the advancement of technology. As many jobs are unfulfilled as employees are not meeting the set standards required by their employers.
  • It varied across industries, so transitioning between different companies is not a big deal and you need not acquire some extra skillset, to join their workforce.
  • Chances of exploring new and different skills like Business Intelligence (BI), etc. will help in broadening your framework and your industrial experience and will take you top spot jobs in very
  • This job could catapult you to become a data scientist after gaining enough experience.
  • After attaining the necessary experience and expertise you could also become a freelance consultant.
  • It’s a very rewarding career with a good above than average salary in the IT field that you could take home.

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