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Though the accompanying feelings Meridian Health Protocol Review may persist for a time, the thoughts begin to integrate or dissipate or reach some constructive resolution. Website Journals Many are now taking journaling a step further and publishing their thoughts to the internet, either via their own blogs, or on their own website. This is an interesting phenomenon, and one that is proving to be very therapeutic, in that the writers are able to share troubling experiences, anonymously. The fact that others will read their entries is comforting, as they feel that they are 'unloading' to many people all at once.

To be able to switch on their computer and share recollections of war time, death of a loved one - even a pet, sexual assault, bullying etc is a little like unburdening yourself of these thoughts and throwing them out to the universe. All teachings of philosophic value encourage the attainment of a state of balance and harmony. In yoga it is recognized as the state of one-ness or equilibrium following flux, movement and change. This applies to the relaxed state of consciousness that follows all activity, including dynamic physical exercise programs.

Controlled breathing rhythms and habits are found to effectively assist us. The techniques used are practiced with the knowledge of the inter-relationship of breathing and thought. A simple example of this is when we breathe slowly and deeply and feel consequently more relaxed and peaceful with mental fitness a seeming a reality. When we inhale at a quicker rate it has the opposite effect and helps stimulate our energies towards activity.


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