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There have been many other Acai StrictionD  health claims made in recent years, some bordering on the outrageous, but what cannot be disputed is that the Acai Berry has real and substantial benefits. This highly nutritious fruit with superior antioxidant properties has a worthy and valid place as one of the world's premier health foods.

Because Acai berries ripen quickly and can spoil within a day of being picked, they are not available fresh in your local fruit market. Consequently, they must be made into Acai berry shortly after picking. To obtain the Acai extract, the berry's pulp (the outer edible layer surrounding its large seed) is either frozen or dehydrated into a powder and freeze dried. The powder form is then put into capsules and used in Acai juice and other Acai extract products.The popularity of Acai extract is attributed to its high nutritional and medicinal value owing to its dense concentrations of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, dietary fibers and monosaturated (healthy) fats. In particular, it is the high antioxidant content of the Acai health that provides most of its benefits. Research has shown that the antioxidant density of Acai berries well exceeds that of other fruits and is far greater than that of red wine and even green tea!

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