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Generally the blood sugar levels  StrictionD Review stays within the narrow boundaries; however the levels are slightly lower in the morning and slightly higher after the meals.In case of diabetics, the insulin is not being properly produced in the required quantity. The diabetic therefore have high blood glucose levels even without eating anything. Excessive and inconsistent levels of blood sugar depicts that person is suffering from diabetes.

Elevated blood glucose levels for a longer period of time, puts the person at an increased risk of suffering from diabetic complications. These include risks of suffering from heart stroke or attack, kidney related problems, eye problems and skin complications. If you have a concern for your health and you want to take full control of your life then it is better to read through the following passages.

The following reading would compel you to make necessary changes in the lifestyle and the diet plan. Exercising regularly, choosing the diabetes friendly foods, losing unwanted weight and managing stress helps to control the level of blood sugar. Following is given an overview of healthy lifestyle habits


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