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There are several potential Feel Good Knees for Fast Pain Relief Review causes of swollen ankles. They include the following: Firstly, injuries like sprains, strains or broken bones can cause ankles to swell. Many of these injuries can be evident enough to be dealt with immediately, but some of them may be less obvious. Sufferers and their doctors alike should always consider the possibility of swelling caused by these injuries, particularly if the sufferer is into sports or is on his or her feet frequently.

Next, gout can also be a major cause of swollen ankles. Gout happens when uric acid crystals form within the fluid surrounding an ankle or ankles. This acid occurs normally within our bodies when we digest food and is used to help eliminate waste. However, gout sufferers accumulate it in the joints instead of expelling it properly, causing swelling and pain.

Arthritis can also bring about ankle swelling. It can result as the consequence of a pre-existing rheumatoid arthritic condition or also as the result of an injury to the area. Ankle swelling can also result from blood flow problems or circulatory problems if the problems occur around the ankle. A blood clot is usually the most common cause of this problem.


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