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Can anyone tell me how to crack blockchain interviews for experienced?

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Here are some popular blockchain interview questions for experienced:

  • What is double-spending?
  • What is a blind signature?
  • What are the key principles in a blockchain to handle security threats?
  • What is the difference between Proof-of-Stake and Proof-of-Work?
  • What is a 51% attack?
  • What is a Coinbase transaction?
  • What are the Merkle trees? What is its importance in blockchain?
  • What keeps your transaction data safe in blockchain?
  • What is Secret Sharing?
  • What exactly do you know about executive accounting? Does blockchain support the same?
  • What is a security policy?
  • What is a trapdoor function in blockchain development?
  • Why does Blockchain need coins or tokens?
  • Difference between a scriptPubKey and P2SH address?
  • What is Mining?
  • How is hard fork and soft fork are different?
  • How to implement a blockchain project?
  • Difference between off-chain transactions and on-chain transactions?
  • Which are the most widely used cryptographic algorithms?
  • What is an RSA algorithm?
  • Can RSA be attacked? If so, how?
  • Major elements of the blockchain ecosystem?

You can check out this blog on Blockchain Interview Questions for more frequently asked questions in an interview with simple and lucid explanations. 

You can watch this video on blockchain interview questions to start your preparation:

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