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I am deploying a Laravel barebone project to Microsoft Azure, but whenever I try to execute php artisan migrate I get the error:

[2015-06-13 14:34:05] production.ERROR: exception 'Symfony\Component\Debug\Exception\FatalErrorException' with message 'Class '' not found' in D:\home\site\vendor\laravel\framework\src\Illuminate\Database\Migrations\Migrator.php:328

Stack trace:

 #0 {main}  

What could be the problem? Thank you very much

-- edit --

Migration Class


use Illuminate\Database\Schema\Blueprint;

use Illuminate\Database\Migrations\Migration;

class CreateUsersTable extends Migration {


     * Run the migrations.


     * @return void


    public function up()


        Schema::create('users', function(Blueprint $table)



            $table->string('name', 50);

            $table->string('surname', 50);


            $table->string('email', 50)->unique();

            $table->string('username', 50)->unique();

            $table->string('password', 50);


            $table->string('email_confirmation_code', 6);

            $table->enum('notify', ['y', 'n'])->default('y');







     * Reverse the migrations.


     * @return void


    public function down()





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You can do the following:

1. Remove all the migration

2. Run composer dump-autoload

3. Add them one by one

4. Run php artisan migrate

5. Delete the migration that threw the error

6. Create new migrations 

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