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Could someone tell me whether the hype around data science will it last or is it just a fad? And if so, what is the next trend?

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Data grows every second and businesses can capitalize on it. So, to answer your question, Data Science is not just a passing hype but here to stay as long as data exists. As established by many experts, Data Science will still be around for a very long time but it will see continuous evolution to stay relevant with future technology. 

The requirement for Data Science professionals in the market has seen change in the sense that companies have started the hiring process based solely on individual organization requirements rather than overall qualifications. It goes without saying that upskilling and staying relevant is the best way to stay ahead in the game. 

Data Science professionals nowadays have to have a good understanding of certain aspects of business and are required to possess good communication skills. The adoption of Data Science is invaluable to any business that understands its potential. In fact, the high demand for Data Scientists in the global market is not being met by an equal number of qualified professionals. No wonder, Data Science professionals are getting highly compensated by companies. 

Here is an interesting video about 10 things you may not know about Data Science:


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