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What are the jobs in AI in coming years?

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Artificial Intelligence is a broad field and a trending IT domain, that focuses on simulating the intelligence of human beings into machines. This enables systems to mimic human actions and perform various tasks that earlier demanded the presence of humans. Although it may seem that adoption of AI has declined one of the numerous job opportunities that have now been taken over by systems, it is not so. Yes, there are many redundant jobs that easily allow machines to do some of the work that humans used to do but it has also led to the creation of a wide range of job opportunities.

Some of the new jobs that AI aims to create in the future are listed below:

  • IT Facilitator
  • Ethical Sourcing Officer
  • Artificial Intelligence Business Development Manager
  • AI-Assisted Healthcare Technician
  • Cyber City Analyst

There are numerous job opportunities that AI aims to create in the near future in various industries. This will be a great opportunity for the numerous tech-savvy professionals who have skills in this domain.

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