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Could someone tell me how to pass AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate?

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I suppose you are a beginner and is confused by so many tips and tricks on how to pass AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate certification exam. Let’s break them down into 3 simple steps that would enable you to easily crack the exam:

  1. If your basics are not strong, or if you feel that you need to improve your knowledge in AWS, then the best thing for you is to get yourself registered for a course on AWS.
  2. Getting theoretical knowledge from the course is one thing but the major point is to get your concepts clear and the effective way to do that is by doing projects and practicing exercises.
  3. To supplement your training, you could go for the AWS exam guide and whitepapers and other online resources to help you get the direction to study effectively and smartly.

Check out Intellipaat’s AWS training course which offers you dedicated hours for instructor-led training videos and guided projects. Also, watch our YouTube video on AWS certification to help you gain better insights.

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