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Could someone tell me what are the job skills needed to succeed in a post-COVID era?

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COVID-19 has changed everything, affected everyone, and changed our perspectives forever. None had the slightest clue that something so big and impactful would ever come across their lives. As Lockdowns are slowly receding to backstage, and the world is opening again, the job market is again lightning up, but the pandemic has shifted the prospects altogether. An array of new skills are becoming ever more important in the post-COVID era. I have compiled here some of the most sought-after skills that employers are seeking in a candidate, from a Forbes article:

  • Adaptability and Flexibility stand as the top skill being looked out for in these changing times.
  • Tech-savviness is the key to future jobs, implementation of new-age technologies like Machine Learning, A.I., Big data, robotics, IoT, cloud computing, has been accelerated due to pandemic. Coding skills are also preferred to be one of the next big skill that is in high demand.
  • Realizing the importance of Data. Data is considered as the new oil in the Industry 4.0 phase.
  • Innovation and creativity are important in designing solutions for major problems.
  • Soft skills like critical thinking, problem-solving still tops the list of most-sought-after skills.
  • Lifelong learning attitude and emotional intelligence play a very significant role in shaping a person.

There are many more skills, that are not listed here to keep the list concise and comprehensive. Do check out Intellipaat’s cloud computing certification course, which offers you with industry-standard instructor-led training course along with dedicated time for projects and exercises to help you gain the required practical experience. Also, I would like you to have a look at Cloud Skills for 2021 after the COVID Pandemic video.

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