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Could someone tell me how to become a data scientist in Australia?

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Data Science is an interdisciplinary domain that is an intersection of various domains like math, statistics, programming, business understanding, and analytics, etc. And this job role is trending and is highly sought-after to drive forward a data-driven approach. Let me give you checkpoints that help you to understand the requirements on how to become a data scientist in Australia:

  1. You need to have good knowledge of math, like linear algebra, calculus, etc,
  2. Proficient in Statistics (probability and statistics).
  3. Getting a relevant degree in data science or in computer science, IT, etc. will help you through bagging entry-level jobs.
  4. Practical exposure is what counts, do bootcamps, pursue internships, and projects.
  5. Getting certified helps you in validating your knowledge and skills.
  6. Apply for a job through online platforms, like LinkedIn and other job profiles.

That’s it, follow these steps to become a data scientist in Australia. If you wish to get certified in Data Science in order to become a data scientist, check out Intellipaat’s Data Science course, which offers you dedicated time for instructor-led training and project-work and exercises to help you build practical skills. Also, watch our YouTube video on Data Scientist Roadmap 2021 from our subject0matter experts.

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