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I want to create a virtual environment. And for that, I was following steps from the Conda link.

Everything runs fine until I want to source the new environment.

conda info -e

# conda environments:


base                  *  /Users/fwrenn/anaconda3

test_env                 /Users/fwrenn/anaconda3/envs/test_env

source ~/anaconda3/bin/activate test_env

_CONDA_ROOT=/Users/fwrenn/anaconda3: Command not found.

Badly placed ()'s.

I can't figure out the problem. 

My particulars:


python --version

Python 3.6.3:: Anaconda custom (64-bit)

conda --version

conda 4.4.7

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I am really not certain what generates the problem in your case, but the code below runs for me without any issues (OSX, the same version of conda as yours).

Creation of the environment:

conda create -n test_env python=3.6.3 anaconda

-n test_env sets the name of the environment to test_env

python=3.6.3 anaconda says that you want to use in this environment python in version 3.6.3 and package anaconda. You can place there all the items you need, separated with spaces, e.g. SQLite matplotlib requests, and define their versions the same way as for python.


conda activate test_env


conda deactivate

Getting rid of it

conda remove -n test_env --all

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