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Could anyone tell me whether Google’s Data Engineer certification is worth or not?

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Well, it depends on what are your requirements. With GCP or Google Cloud Platform being 3rd in the Cloud market is being closely followed by Alibaba cloud. So, a majority of the cloud market is with AWS and Azure, so getting certified in GCP is less compared to these two titans. But what you should keep in mind, is that GCP is rising pretty quickly and is growing at a very rapid pace. So, there is a huge potential in the coming years, as Google is determined to give AWS and Azure a tough time ahead.

Getting Google Data Engineer certification is not a small task in itself. For you to become eligible for the certification exam, you need to have 3+ years of experience in the industry with 1+ years of experience in working out solutions in GCP. You need to have experience in working with Python and SQL, good knowledge of GCP, Sound knowledge in Machine Learning models, data modeling and warehouse, SQL and NoSQL databases, etc. So, in my view even if the certification is not so demanding today, it could become a pivotal point in the coming years, and the best part is that you will learn many things in the process which will help you in guiding your future course.

Check out the Google cloud certification course from Intellipaat, which offers you dedicated time for an instructor-led course and guided projects to help you becoming practically skilled. Also, have a look at our YouTube video on Azure Data Engineer Certification to gain a better idea of what Azure has to offer.

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